<aside> ⚠️ DISCLAIMER: I’m really bad at expressing my feelings in words, but I’m trying my best Don’t expect too much, because this is a short letter. 😝


Now that the song has started, let’s start!

Yup, the title is inspired by this song, if you’re wondering.

To be honest, it’s been a while since I dated someone. Meeting someone new was never easy for me. I tend to build a high wall whenever someone try to get closer to me. Maybe I was too afraid; what if I get attached to them? What if I hurt myself? Yet I always wonder how does it feel to be loved by someone. Until my friend said that I should try to break the wall and try to open my heart. And one day you come to approach me. It was awkward at first (or maybe not really..?), I was afraid, but I dare myself not to build a high wall like I usually do. Thanks to that, we were able to talk about many things, joked around, and many more. Two weeks was a short time for me to get to know and to fall in love with someone. But it was different when I’m with you. It’s weird because I feel comfortable and safe around you.

I think these words are not enough to let you know the enormous feelings that I have for you in my heart. But each moment I spent with you is very special. I love how you randomly give me a song, joking around me, being clingy and cute, and many more. Our random talks, your silly jokes, and even those cheesy puns, I Iove all of them. You always know how to make me smile! I’m looking forward to many more months with you. Let’s have a movie or plato date later when we’re not busy! We talk everyday but I still miss you!! 🥺❤️

Happy one month! I love you so much. <3



Happy Nineteen!